Car Wreck Victims

The very best approach to pain is prevention.

In the United States, more than 4 million people are injured in auto accidents each year. Often the injuries go unreported and, worse yet, the victims fail to seek proper health care.

Injuries sustained at higher speeds have long been recognized as being very threatening to the body. However, what most do not realize is that it's the lower impact collisions that will usually cause the most damage due to a simple factor - neglect. The lack of pain immediately following a low impact collision tends to allow a much more serious problem to progress - spinal decay. This means that "bumps" and "fender benders" have a serious effect on the body. In over half of victims, brain stem injuries occur. After a car wreck, even if it seems relatively "minor" at the time, it is important to get checked for "whiplash" and other types of injuries. Because of their upper cervical chiropractic training, Drs Williams are experts in providing specific and gentle care for victims of car wrecks.

Take control of the situation before it takes control of you.